IHT Partners with Reuters to Improve Middle East Edition

Article  by  Théo CORBUCCI  •  Published 13.10.2010  •  Updated 13.10.2010
IHT offers a new supplement to its Middle East edition, in partnership with news agency Reuters.
The International Herald Tribune (IHT) has teamed up with Reuters to provide a new weekly 4-page supplement simply called Middle East with Reuters to the readership of its Middle East edition. This partnership wishes to provide better coverage of the area, using the qualities and specialties unique to the IHT, its parent company (The New York Times - NYT), and Reuters, which has more than 200 reporters in the field.
The interests and investments of both companies have converged: for 18 months, Reuters has been actively hiring dozens of new reporters for its Middle East offices, doubling its Arabic content production, while IHT has just opened a new office in Dubai. This supplement will allow Reuters to steadily increase its article sales. By offering exclusive content to Reuters, IHT will increase readership loyalty and could even increase its readership. While all print news media are hit by an economic crisis, IHT is choosing association over confrontation.
This launch illustrates the growing interest of the print media in news coverage in the Near and Middle East, as much for Western audiences than for Arab and Muslim audiences. As a geo-political pivot that regularly makes the news (Israeli-Palestinian conflict, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorist movements, etc.), the Middle East is nonetheless an "open market," as evidenced by the recent launch of an Arabic edition of National Geographic and many new US and European TV channels in recent years.
Middle East with Reuters will be published every Thursday and printed with the IHT in Kuwait City, Doha, Cairo, Dubai, and Istanbul. It will be distributed in the Gulf countries, Egypt, and Turkey. How it will be received by its readers remains to be seen, as is whether its implementation will generate a steady increase in sales.  


Picture : noodlepie / flickr.com
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