Hollywood dances with Bollywood: cooperation pact signed

Article  by  Kevin PICCIAU  •  Published 16.11.2010  •  Updated 17.12.2010
On November 10, American and Indian film industry players signed a cooperation pact concerning their future productions.
On Wednesday, November 10, in Los Angeles's Paramount studios, Hollywood and Bollywood film industry players signed a cooperation pact that will be remembered: American cinema, symbolised by the city of Los Angeles and its famous Hollywood studios, and Indian cinema, represented by the Indian Guild of Film and Television producers and the Indian Film Federation, have committed themselves to developing common work in the fields of film distribution, merchandizing, technological development and content protection for their projects, whether they concern a coproduction or not. The cooperation pact should also encourage the production of Indian films in the city of Los Angeles. This mission is entrusted to a brand-new structure, the Los Angeles-Indian Film Council. The pact does not mention any encouragement of the production of American films on Indian territory, for the very simple reason that the Americans have been producing films in India for fifteen years now. On the contrary, only a few Indian films  base their production in Hollywood, and have only done so for the past few years.
The alliance between the two most famous and most prolific film production zones in the world has to be considered as a natural step in a long history of positive relations between the two, relations have grown increasingly stronger in recent years. First and foremost, the  healthy connection between Hollywood and Bollywood is demonstrated by an ever-growing number of coproductions, dating to  the beginning of the 1990s. At that time, the solidity of the connection between the Indian and the American film industries was confirmed by the constant growth in  the budgets of Indian films produced in Los Angeles. The first big-budget Indian film made in Hollywood, "Pardes", was produced in 1997, followed by "Kante" in 2002, "Kambakkht Ishq" in 2009 and, most recently, "My Name is Khan" and "Kites", both released in 2010. The conquering policy of the Indian group Reliance – which aims an international growth – as well as the distribution agreement with the American firm Dreamworks SKG has played an important role in the strengthening of the relations between Bollywood and Hollywood. 
While the cooperation pact signed on November 10 has obvious advantages for the Bollywood industry, including easier access to the very efficient Hollywood production structures, the Americans also find an interest here. Considering that Bollywood films have attracted increasing international audiences over the past five years, the American partner can hope to make non-negligible benefits from active participation in the Indian productions. Furthermore, Reliance's huge development in the fields of the creative industries and tehnologies will offer Hollywood the advantage of new ideas and techniques elaborated on the Indian side.
With the cooperation pact creating the Los Angeles-Indian Film Council, the year 2010 represents a second giant step forward for cooperation between Bollywood and Hollywood. In March, both industries had already formed the Alliance Against Copyright Theft in Mumbai, created to fight against the non-respect of copyrights concerning Hollywood and Bollywood productions on Indian territory. The Alliance has the task of elaborating campaigns condemning piracy. The brand-new cooperation pact could be the way to make the anti-piracy fight more efficient by proposing laws, more constraining than simple advertising campaigns, which represent the only weapon the Alliance can use.

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