The project

Why INA Global ?
Since its founding in 1975, the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) has focused on the conservation and transmission of French audiovisual heritage, and also has the task of providing training for image and sound professions, and carrying out research on cultural industries and media. Ina has a large education and research division, INA Sup, and over the past 35 years, has published countless books, dissertations and journals recognized both by industry professionals and the scholarly community.
INA Global, The Review of Creative Industries and Media, is a continuation of this tradition of research and media analysis. Its unique position on the international stage allows Ina to dialogue freely with French and foreign universities and institutions, but also with private companies, all the while maintaining its independence. It is the ideal setting for the development of neutral research and quality information, and the creation of a space for a pluralist analysis.
This is the INA Global project. It required a Web format, in order to be able to monitor evolutions in the content industries in real time. It also called for an international focus, given the globalization of culture. And finally, the intent was to bring together the very best researchers and experts around, working in modern, collaborative fashion to cover all aspects of the creative industries in most countries worldwide.
From cinema to manga, television, video game, publishing and music, INA Global is devoted to the analysis of these sectors, with an emphasis on the digital revolution and internet. Long-term analysis, research and in-depth reflection subject to review are given the priority, rather than scoops, Wikipedia and 140-character tweets.
With an team of several hundred specialists of all nationalities, hailing from over thirty countries, INA Global is a web review that seeks to liberate knowledge, open up to globalization and emerging countries, and produce quality information for a vast public of professionals, researchers and students, as well as citizens interested in evolutions in communication and the creative industries in the era of internet.
Bilingual and entirely free, INA Global remains consistent with the long-term missions of Ina, an institution for the preservation of archives and the circulation of knowledge – the point of convergence of a past whose memory is being upheld, and a future in the process of being imagined.